What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a clinical framework for holistic wellness with an individualized, nutritionally-dense, whole-foods based diet. As your nutritional therapist, I help you achieve health and vitality by working with your bio-individuality to identify the best food, supplement, and lifestyle choices for you.

This article from the Nutritional Therapist Association is a helpful resource for learning more.

What symptoms can you help with?

Our work together has the potential to help with any symptoms or conditions you’re experiencing that you know aren’t right. Some of the most common things I help my clients with include:

  • autoimmune conditions,
    • digestion
      • constipation
      • gas & bloating
      • indigestion
    • eczema
    • joint pain
  • breast implant toxicity, heavy periods,
  • genetic concerns
  • hormonal imbalances,
  • mind-body wellness
    • fatigue, headaches, brain fog,
  • stress management and related issues:
    • anxiousness,
    • racing heart,
    • sleep issues
    • weight gain

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms consistently, please know that you don’t have to live this way and there’s hope for your healing. Get in touch with me here and we’ll make a plan.

Do I have to take supplements forever and never eat gluten again?

Not necessarily. I know many of us are overwhelmed by the thought of replacing favorite foods with pills and less satisfying substitutions. But we each have our own needs. What helps you feel your best may be very different from what helps your co-worker or sister feel their best. With my holistic assessment process, we’ll work together to identify your personal sensitivities and nutritional needs, with both a short and long term plan for regaining function and health.

For the majority of my clients, supplements and dietary restrictions are a temporary first step in their health journey. You will also likely find that you feel so much better on your new protocol that you hardly miss your trigger foods. And long-term, everything in moderationeven moderation. I help my clients find progress, not perfection.

What does health coaching include?

As your nutritional therapist and health coach, I provide comprehensive support to help you regain functionality and feel your best. This includes:

  • Support and guidance for implementing your wellness plan 
  • In-depth education on the “how and why” of your wellness plan 
  • Tools and accountability for your new habit changes 
  • Motivation, encouragement, and accountability 
  • Group coaching on specialty topics 
  • Celebration of all your small wins and forward momentum

What is a Holistic Nutrition Consult?

Holistic consultations access the underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction. This is done through careful review of your health history, including environmental triggers, mind-body connection, comprehensive laboratory data, genetic make-up, food journal review, MSQ(Medical Symptom Questionnaire) and by addressing the foundations of health: digestion, blood sugar balance, fatty acids, minerals, and hydration.

After the initial consult, you will receive a food plan, tips to help with sleep, stress, supplement and testing recommendations, and an outlined follow-up plan.