What is a Holistic Nutrition Consult?

Holistic consultations access the underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction. This is done through careful review of your health history, including environmental triggers, mind-body connection, comprehensive laboratory data, genetic make-up, food journal review, MSQ(Medical Symptom Questionnaire) and by addressing the foundations of health: digestion, blood sugar balance, fatty acids, minerals, and hydration.

After the initial consult, you will receive a food plan, tips to help with sleep, stress, supplement and testing recommendations, and an outlined follow-up plan.

What does a Functional Medicine Health Coach do?

Coaching can help initiate changes required to meet your goals.

  • Educates clients on behavior change
  • Assists clients in implementing their plan of care
  • Provide tools and accountability to implement new habit changes
  • Motivate clients using positive psychology techniques
  • Guides clients through dietary changes, food plans, and physical activity protocols
  • Lead group coaching on specialty topics
  • Celebrates each success and forward progress

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in addressing concerns of fatigue through digestion and absorption, sleep, stress management, methylation, detoxification, mind-body and positive psychology.   Fatigue can be related to a combination of poor sleep, stress, poor absorption, auto-immunity, genetics, vitamin deficiencies,  and more.