You deserve to flourish with expert nutritional therapy and coaching in Georgetown, Texas.

  • If you’ve been to doctor after doctor…
  • If you’ve done elimination diets…
  • If you feel like you’ve tried everything…

And you still feel sick—fatigued, unexplained digestive issues, brain foggy—let’s find out why, together.

Why work with me?

If you don’t feel well, but you don’t know why, or how to fix it, I’m here for you.

As a clinically trained Nutritional Therapist, I specialize in helping you find out why you’re having symptoms…and more importantly, how to help you regain function to flourish.

By working together one-on-one for 3-6 months, we’ll dive deep into your medical history and lifestyle to uncover the roots of your symptoms and restore holistic health.

Holistic, adjective: ho·​lis·​tic—relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts

Your Path to Flourishing

Step 1: Intake Meeting

We start with the details of your life: Your diet. Your sleep. Your stressors. Your movement. Your symptoms and where it all began. In our 90-minute intake meeting, we’ll review your medical history from birth to present to build a timeline of your present-day symptoms.

Step 2: Wellness Plan + Lab Work

With the details of your medical history, I put together a comprehensive wellness plan to help you start feeling better ASAP.  The plan includes recommendations for temporary supplements, food choices, stress management strategies, and lab testing options.

Lab testing options include comprehensive stool analysis, mold, environmental toxins, Lyme disease, organic acid, heavy metals, Neural Zoomer, food sensitivity, food allergy, genetics, and heavy metals. We’ll decide together which tests would be most helpful for your situation at our intake meeting.

Step 3: Review Test Results + Schedule Regular Check-Ins

With your test results, we’ll revisit the wellness plan and adjust it as needed. I ask that you give any new changes at least three months to take effect. During this time, we meet to check-in as often as you need as you progress through your new habits and protocols.

Cost & Insurance

Comprehensive wellness coaching and nutritional therapy services is $200/month with a 3-month minimum, or $150/month with a 6-month minimum.

This fee includes regular check-ins and unlimited support from me via phone, text, or email.

Please note this fee does not include any testing or supplements— that is an additional cash expense.

HSA funds may be used to pay for nutritional therapy and health coaching with Flourish. 

I do not bill insurance for my services. If you have a prior diagnosis from a physician or another health care provider, you can submit my billed services charges to your insurer and you may get partial reimbursement.

Let food be thy medicine


Get started by booking a consult, or if you have other questions message Heather on the contact page.

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