Emotional Eating Support

What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is when we eat to satisfy our emotions rather than our physical hunger. When we seek to indulge our emotions with food, we tend to grab our favorite unhealthy foods. Ice cream, chocolate, chips, pizza, and pasta can seem impossible to resist.

Let Heather help you reach your health goals!

Meet Heather Hanson, a Board Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Heather understands the struggle

For years I struggled with food. I would starve myself for days, then binge on cake, cookies, bread, chips, you name it, I over-ate it. I counted calories, weighed my food, and still got nowhere.

It wasn’t until I started changing my eating habits that my life finally felt balanced and healthy. I realized my emotions were keeping me overweight, fatigued, anxious, and bloated.

I was finally in control and it felt amazing.

Now I help others get to a better place

With delicious whole foods and proven strategies, you will heal your body, improve your energy, and vitality.

Finally, you can be free from emotional eating.

Finally Free™ Instructor Heather Hanson, FNTP. Flourish Nutritional Therapy

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