The Highly Sought After System For Overcoming Emotional Eating.

Discover What You Really Hunger For in Life.

You’re looking to end the chaos and compulsion.

You want to be in control of your eating habits.

But you’re frustrated making zero progress and unsure how to stop the madness.

Are You Doing The Same Thing Over and Over Expecting Different Results?

I get it. I’ve walked in your shoes and faced the same problem.

I’ve tried the starvation diet, The Paleo Diet, The Keto Diet, Intermittent fasting and nothing worked.

Whatever weight I lost was just gained right back after the deprivation was over.

Join the Finally Free Community and Get the World’s BEST Workshop Training.

These workshops are fun, fresh, never boring, and unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

They can be done by men or women. Imagine, no expensive gym membership, or annoying personal trainer required.

You bring yourself…

I’ll get you free from chaos and at peace with food.

The Problem Isn’t that You Can’t Lose Weight. The Problem is You’ve Used Food To Meet Your Emotional Needs.

I was eating to comfort myself when I was sad

I was eating to celebrate when things went right

I was eating because I didn’t want to say no and hurt someone’s feelings

I was eating to avoid dealing with my life and how awful it had gotten.

I was eating because I was bored.

The Solution Was Simpler than I Thought

I never realized that taking away the emotional component would make eating so simple.

Turns out with the Finally Free strategies, eating is very simple:

The body gets hungry, and I feed it!

So I started teaching a simple series of Workshops that anyone can take at home (or online) with minimal time and investment.

The Workshops have been Tested & Tweaked, Tested Again.

And now I’m sharing these workshops with you to follow along with me and the rest of the community every week, so that you can… 

  1. Overcome Emotional Eating
  2. Discover What you Really Hunger For in Life
  3. Trade Confinement for Freedom
  4. Trade Restriction For Fulfillment
  5. Make Peace with Food and Your Body
  6. Learn the Secrets of Successful Implementation

Meet your Instructor

I’m Heather Hanson founding instructor at Finally Free Workshops and a Board Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Functional Medicine Health Coach. For years I struggled with food. I would starve myself for days, then binge on cake, cookies, bread, chips, you name it, I overate it. I counted calories, weighed my food, and still got no where. All I got from that was fat and bloated with no clarity and endless fatigue.

And cooking took WAY too much time.

It wasn’t until I ditched the sugar, wheat, dairy & corn and realized that my emotions were keeping me overweight, fatigued, anxious and bloated that my life finally felt balanced and healthy. I was finally in control and it felt amazing.

It took me years to battle my emotions. That is why I am so excited that I found the Finally Free Program and love teaching it to others. This program can help you get to your goals in just seven weeks.

With delicious whole foods and the strategies throughout this program, you will heal your body, improve your energy, vitality, and be Finally Free from emotional eating. “Finally Free turns the chaos and compulsion of emotional eating into peace and contentment within 7 weeks.”

I want to share these incredible workshops with you and help you throughout your journey.

Heather Hanson, Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

The 7 Week Journey That Lasts a Lifetime

These workshops turn the chaos and compulsion of emotional eating into peace and contentment within 7 weeks.

  • Blood sugar levels balance within 2 weeks
  • Digestion improves within days
  • Mental clarity improves in a week
  • Energy and vitality appear in a week

The time you save overcoming emotional eating is time well invested.

The Non-Diet to End ALL Diets

Build Confidence While Gaining Control

Imagine eating delicious satiating meals every night, enjoying a decadent fat marbled ribeye, and STILL waking up leaner… This is NOT just another “diet”

Finally Free breaks the rules and goes against many common accepted “truths.”

  1. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. In fact, if you’re not hungry in the morning I’ll give you a better alternative that fires up your engine and makes you feel great.
  2. Feast every night at dinner? Some say don’t eat after 6pm. Research after research shows that timing doesn’t matter. (how great is that for your social life?)
  3. Forget about the “6 meals per day” gospel. There is no such research out there that says increased meal frequency results in greater health.

Is It Time to Be Finally Free?

People love the freedom of Finally Free, the energy/mental focus and the ability to have their cake and eat it too.

It’s not like Paleo, Atkins, or even Keto. It’s not about that. It’s also not based on long hours in the gym, or handfuls of supplements. It IS based on eating wholesome, real food.

A lot of people believe changing the way we eat has to be strict or hard. Not true. For many, this is the easiest program they’ve ever followed. It is designed to be a lifestyle change, not a diet you go on for 2 weeks. Any permanent behavior change has to be easy to implement for it to work.

Based on 25+ Years of Experimentation, Testing, and Retesting.

Finally Free is Backed by Scientific Research

Are you ready to lose weight?

Are you ready to have more energy?

Are you ready to find what you really hunger for in life?

Get Extraordinary Results Like These:

Finally Free Transformations

This workshop has really made the most positive impact in my life, and I can see myself continuing this lifestyle (not diet)! I’ve struggled with weight for most of my life. I’ve tried every diet, restricting calories/increasing exercise, cutting out carbs, even diet pills, and nothing worked, nor was it sustainable. I thing the real difference between this workshop and other programs I’ve tried is it’s emphasis on the psychology of food and our relationship with it. I have learned to recognize the little voice in my head that was always putting me down and sabotaging me, and I’ve learned to overcome it. I’ve learned more about healthful eating and healthful habits. I now am meal-prepping, exercising, and incorporating more self-care into my everyday routine. I feel less pain/inflammation, and I have more energy/motivation. This program is way more than just about weightless. I feel like I’m finally living my best life, and am finally free.

Alex G.

I can move better and have less joint pain. Had to put two more holes in to make my belt smaller. Never really looked at the food I was eating to see how much sugar and carbs I was eating. After no sugar challenge, I found that I was not as hungry and did not need to eat as much.


This workshop allowed me to have a different outlook on my lifestyle and my choices I make everyday. It allowed me to develop a more positive relationship with the thinking voice in my head. I have tried a lot of “diets” in the past and the common factor that didn’t allow me to keep pursuing that “diet” was it wasn’t meant to be a lifestyle change. With this lifestyle I am comforted to see that I go easier and not completely degrade myself when I “fall off the wagon” with some food that I deem “bad”. I am more conscious of my choices throughout my day. I have had many obstacles to work through and know I will have many more, but I feel more positive in my abilities to do so. I am grateful for all the support this workshop has given me and it has allowed me to work through some emotional set backs that I have encountered. One day I hope to be Finally Free from my fears that hold me back from living my best life.


Get Strategies, Tips & Empowerment Delivered Weekly

Get started today for access to:

7 (2-Hour) Weekly In Person (or virtual) Workshops:

All fully detailed with strategies, homework and mindset hacks. Lose weight and gain confidence while you discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs, and how to overcome emotional eating once and for all. You will NOT be bored.

30 Day No Sugar Challenge:

Designed to get you out of the cycle of sugar addiction and back on track with mental clarity within 2 weeks. You will get more energy, your digestion will improve, hormones come into balance and you will experience amazing mental clarity… and you will lose weight.

7 Participant Workbooks:

Each workbook contains material and insights to help you understand why what you’ve been doing is not working, and give you a clear path to a new way of doing things that will get you results.

Lifestyle Guidelines:

After the 30-Day challenge is over you will be guided into a lifestyle that is easy, delicious, and flexible. You will find that you really can have your cake and eat it to. This is where you learn to self govern effectively around food and gain strength and confidence.

VIP Pass to Our Private Facebook Group:

One of the most critical factors in transformation is support and accountability. You’ll get both of those in unlimited amounts as a member of our private Facebook community.

Coaching Calls with Heather Hanson

This is worth the price of admission alone. I get to answer all of your questions live, so you never have to worry about what you’re doing and rest assured that your path is always dialed in and getting you the best results possible.

Each Week Takes You on A Journey

WEEK 1: This first week is all about a 30-Day No Sugar Challenge, which takes you out of the cycle of food cravings and sugar addiction fast. You tap into your outer resources and set your environment up for success and learn how to deal with an unsupportive person if you have one in your life. This will give you more energy, mental clarity and feeling in control.

WEEK 2: You’ll learn how to tap into your inner power. This will give you the courage you need to make the change you desire successfully. You will create an Inner Warrior, a “No Thank You Phrase”, and an Emergency Mantra. These are designed to empower you and move you away from the belief that you can’t, to a place where you know you can.

WEEK 3: You will discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs and find more fulfilling ways to meet those needs. This is where you separate emotional hunger from physical hunger and discover what you really hunger for in life.

WEEK 4: You will learn how to separate physical hunger from emotional hunger even further with intuitive eating. No more Atkins, Paleo, or Keto diets. You will tap into your own inner guidance with intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is the art of self governing around food effectively. You will discover your hunger signal, your satiation signal and learn to trust your physical body and enjoy food without guilt or shame. Food tastes SO much better when you eat intuitively!

WEEK 5: The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge ends, and you move into the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines. Because life is too short not to eat chocolate. You’ll learn an amazing strategy that will help you deal with your thinking mind and all it likes to thrash you with. You’ll entertain the idea that perhaps you are enough, just as you are. This is the beginning of being at peace with food and your body.

WEEK 6: Week 6 is when you obtain the knowledge and strategies to deal with the things that get in the way of your long-term success. You will learn how to deal with negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unruly emotions so you can successfully transition from where you are to where you want to go.

WEEK 7: Week 7 is the last of the weekly workshops where you will learn how to move successfully through the 6 Phases of Change for long term success. In this workshop you get a beautiful glimpse of who you are beyond your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and what it’s like to be Finally Free and at peace with food and your body.

The Investment of a Lifetime

The 7 (2 hour) Weekly Workshops ($2100 Value)

(1) 30 Minute discovery call ($100 Value)

Access to Our Private Online Community Page (Priceless)

25% Discount on Coaching During the Program

Total Value: $2,200

Promotional Price: $997

Total Savings: $1,203

The First 5 to Sign Up Receive a Free Book

Good Decisions…Most of the Time is not just another diet or nutrition book. It’s an adventure into the foundations of nutrition and the inner workings of your body, where even the smallest change can bring about a dramatic shift in how you look and feel.

What You Will Learn:

  • The foundations of nutrition
  • How to deal with powerful emotions and food cravings
  • Which foods increase mental clarity and which foods dull the mind
  • How to eat to increase energy and vitality
  • Which foods pack on the weight and which ones help you shed it
  • Which foods decrease sex drive and which foods support it
  • How hormonal imbalances affect sleep, energy, and mood, and how you can use food to bring hormones back into balance.

And much, much more!

A $27 Value!

Special Added Bonus

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A $840 value!”

For less than the cost of one house payment you can be free from emotional eating for life.

For a Limited Time Only

The workshops Start Soon

We only have space for 10 participants. Secure your spot now!

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

If the workshops don’t jive, just let me know. I will refund you for all remaining workshops with no questions asked.


The only thing worse than failing is not trying at all.

Regret only happens to people that don’t invest in themselves.

If this resonates with you, I urge you to take action today.



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