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Say Hello to Control

Finally Free™ is a proven program for overcoming emotional eating.

Do you ever feel compelled to eat?

Do you feel shame around food?

Do you have health goals for 2021?

Finally Free works! This online workshop gets to the core issues and lifts you to a new level of awareness and power.

You can do it!
I’ll be your guide.

Don’t miss out! There are only 10 spots per workshop!

Heather Hanson, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, looking slim and fit! in a blue dress near trees.

Heather Hanson


Heather has been helping clients reach their goals for years…

Heather has helped us with autoimmune issues and gut issues, she’s helped us reach goals and guided us through some very rough health times.

You’ll never navigate your journey alone as long as she’s on your team. Highly recommend her to everyone no matter what your issue or goal.

Cathy B

After my diabetes diagnosis, Heather worked with me to change my attitude and relationship with food. […]

[I] lost 60 pounds, my vision has improved and my diabetes is in remission. Thank you for the support and helping me take charge.

Jim C.

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The Non-Diet to End ALL Diets

Build Confidence While Gaining Control

Imagine eating delicious satiating meals every night, enjoying a decadent fat marbled rib-eye, and STILL waking up leaner…

This is NOT just another “diet”

Finally Free breaks the rules and goes against many common accepted “truths.”

What to expect

This Intuitive Eating workshop ends the chaos and compulsion of emotional eating into peace and contentment in just 7 weeks.

You’ll join Heather and up to ten other learners. That’s right! Classes are small! You’ll get personalized help and the support of the group.

Every week will have group sessions in the virtual class. You’ll have lessons, exercises, discussion, an action plan, and homework!

Get ready for change! You can expect:

  • Balanced Blood Sugar Levels
  • Better Digestion in days
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Boosted Energy & Vitality

Could you even place a price on your health and peace of mind?

Only 7 weeks stand before you.

Finally Free is the Journey that Lasts a Lifetime

Let’s go!

Meet your Instructor

I’m Heather Hanson founding instructor at Finally Free Workshops and a Board Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Functional Medicine Health Coach.

I understand the struggle

For years I struggled with food. I would starve myself for days, then binge on cake, cookies, bread, chips, you name it, I overate it. I counted calories, weighed my food, and still got no where. All I got from that was fat and bloated with no clarity and endless fatigue.

And cooking took WAY too much time.

It wasn’t until I ditched the sugar, wheat, dairy & corn and realized that my emotions were keeping me overweight, fatigued, anxious and bloated that my life finally felt balanced and healthy.

I was finally in control and it felt amazing.

It took me years to battle my emotions.

That is why I am so excited that I found the Finally Free Program and love teaching it to others.

This program can help you get to your goals in just seven weeks.

With delicious whole foods and the strategies throughout this program, you will heal your body, improve your energy, vitality, and be Finally Free from emotional eating.

Finally Free turns the chaos and compulsion of emotional eating into peace and contentment within 7 weeks.

Finally Free™ Instructor Heather Hanson, FNTP. Flourish Nutritional Therapy

You are not alone

Coaching calls with Heather are included!

Strategies, Tips & Empowerment Every Week

7 (2-Hour) Weekly In Person (or virtual) Workshops:

All fully detailed with strategies, homework and mindset hacks. Lose weight and gain confidence while you discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs, and how to overcome emotional eating once and for all. You will NOT be bored.

30 Day No Sugar Challenge:

Designed to get you out of the cycle of sugar addiction and back on track with mental clarity within 2 weeks. You will get more energy, your digestion will improve, hormones come into balance and you will experience amazing mental clarity… and you will lose weight.

7 Participant Workbooks:

Each workbook contains material and insights to help you understand why what you’ve been doing is not working, and give you a clear path to a new way of doing things that will get results.

Lifestyle Guidelines:

After the 30-Day challenge is over you will be guided into a lifestyle that is easy, delicious, and flexible. You will find that you really can have your cake and eat it to. This is where you learn to self govern effectively around food and gain strength and confidence.

VIP Pass to Our Private Facebook Group:

One of the most critical factors in transformation is support and accountability. You’ll get both of those in unlimited amounts as a member of our private Facebook community.

Coaching Calls with Heather Hanson

This is worth the price of admission alone. I get to answer all of your questions live, so you never have to worry about what you’re doing and rest assured that your path is always dialed in and getting you the best results possible.

Each week takes you on a Journey

WEEK 1: This first week is all about a 30-Day No Sugar Challenge, which takes you out of the cycle of food cravings and sugar addiction fast. You tap into your outer resources and set your environment up for success and learn how to deal with an unsupportive person if you have one in your life. This will give you more energy, mental clarity and feeling in control.

WEEK 2: You’ll learn how to tap into your inner power. This will give you the courage you need to make the change you desire successfully. You will create an Inner Warrior, a “No Thank You Phrase”, and an Emergency Mantra. These are designed to empower you and move you away from the belief that you can’t, to a place where you know you can.

WEEK 3: You will discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs and find more fulfilling ways to meet those needs. This is where you separate emotional hunger from physical hunger and discover what you really hunger for in life.

WEEK 4: You will learn how to separate physical hunger from emotional hunger even further with intuitive eating. No more Atkins, Paleo, or Keto diets. You will tap into your own inner guidance with intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is the art of self governing around food effectively. You will discover your hunger signal, your satiation signal and learn to trust your physical body and enjoy food without guilt or shame. Food tastes SO much better when you eat intuitively!

WEEK 5: The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge ends, and you move into the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines. Because life is too short not to eat chocolate. You’ll learn an amazing strategy that will help you deal with your thinking mind and all it likes to thrash you with. You’ll entertain the idea that perhaps you are enough, just as you are. This is the beginning of being at peace with food and your body.

WEEK 6: Week 6 is when you obtain the knowledge and strategies to deal with the things that get in the way of your long-term success. You will learn how to deal with negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unruly emotions so you can successfully transition from where you are to where you want to go.

WEEK 7: Week 7 is the last of the weekly workshops where you will learn how to move successfully through the 6 Phases of Change for long term success. In this workshop you get a beautiful glimpse of who you are beyond your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and what it’s like to be Finally Free and at peace with food and your body.

Based on 25+ Years of Testing

Finally Free is Backed by Science!

A Life Changing Course

Normally $2,200

Satisfaction Guaranteed

First Workshop of 2021!


Extraordinary Results.

Finally Free Transformations:

This workshop has really made the most positive impact in my life, and I can see myself continuing this lifestyle (not diet)! I’ve struggled with weight for most of my life. I’ve tried every diet, restricting calories/increasing exercise, cutting out carbs, even diet pills, and nothing worked, nor was it sustainable.

Alex G.

This workshop allowed me to have a different outlook on my lifestyle and my choices I make everyday. It allowed me to develop a more positive relationship with the thinking voice in my head.


I can move better and have less joint pain. Had to put two more holes in to make my belt smaller. Never really looked at the food I was eating to see how much sugar and carbs I was eating. After no sugar challenge, I found that I was not as hungry and did not need to eat as much.


Save $150!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied let us know. Refunds for remaining workshops will be provided no questions asked.

Every week in this course is packed with information. You can’t lose!

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