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Cathy B

Heather has been treating our family since 2015. She is constantly learning about her field and how to improve the lives of her clients. You’re not a number with her, you are her extended family that she cares deeply for. Heather has helped us with autoimmune issues and gut issues, she’s helped us reach goals and guided us through some very rough health times. You’ll never navigate your journey alone as long as she’s on your team. Highly recommend her to everyone no matter what your issue or goal.


Heather has such a giving heart for helping others to improve their health and ultimately their life.

I have known her for over 15 years now and trust her completely. She works with our whole family and we love her!!

Tricia B.

Thankful for Heather and all she has taught me to put my PMR into remission.

Highly recommend her to anyone needing healing and nutritional advice!!!

Bill B

You'll feel a greater peace of mind this year, if you make an appointment with Heather Hanson of Flourish Nutrition. Heather has made an enormous difference in my and my wife Tricia's lives - keeping us from having to take medications that we might NEVER be able to get off of... we don't want to live that way, and I'm certain that most of you don't either.

Contact Heather and make an appointment as soon as you can - and have a HEALTHY new year.

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